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Wallpaper: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

While being considered a European object of the past, wallpaper has made a huge comeback, and is here to stay! With all of the new and improved designs, textures, and materials, today, you can easily find a wallpaper of your liking, but if you have a specific idea in mind, because of the advancement of wallpaper technology, now you can have a custom design created just for you and perfectly scaled to fit any space!

We have installed these types of wallpaper: - Traditional Paste Wallpaper - Vinyl - Flock - Grasscloth - Specialty, like wood veneer

Like always, the foundation for any project sets up its success. In this case, smooth walls provide the perfect canvas needed for wallpaper installation. While some wallpaper supply companies claim that wallpaper can be hung over textured walls, as experienced installers, we always recommend skim-coat textured walls, then sanding them, in order to achieve a seamless installation. As wallpaper started to gain traction over the past five years, some companies manufacture and advertise a new trend of "Peel & Stick" wallpaper, which is supposed to be an easy DIY project and a more affordable option. While many DIY wallpaper tutorials make this option to be seen so easy to achieve, there are several potential issues that will be more likely encountered like: - Misalignment and unleveled, beginning with the first strip - Bubbling, Blisters or Ripples, occur when wallpaper doesn't properly bond with the wall surface - Cutting your strips too short, therefore wasting more material than necessary - Gaps between strips, and not butting edges correctly - Mismatching the Pattern Repeat - Paste Type, Quality, correct Preparation, and correct Amount applied - Paste soaking time - Peeling or curling of the edges and/or corners - Staining, when mishandling certain wall coverings like grasscloth, or very light wallpaper - Streaking, caused by leaving too much adhesive residue without cleaning it properly - Tearing the wallpaper, when applying too much pressure with a smoothing tool or when cutting around door or window frames And the worst of all .... not having enough material, thus delaying finishing your project

While these errors don't necessarily happen altogether every time, they are more common than you think. And while you can take all these considerations, and give it your best shot, in attempting to do it yourself, you are still missing one important matter ... EXPERIENCE!

Romero's Remodeling has over 20 years of experience professionally installing Wall Coverings. We pay a huge emphasis on protecting your floors and masking around any necessary areas. After providing a smooth wall foundation, paired with the proper handling of the wallpaper of your choice, WE PROMISE to deliver a beautiful installation! Once installation is completed, we strive to leave our working area very clean.

If you are curious about a wallpaper project, feel free to contact us with any questions. We can schedule an appointment to come and take measurements, and then we'll email you an estimate, FREE of charge.

Also, we have partnered with "Wall Snobs," a local Wallpaper design and printing shop in Haltom City. They provide quality non-toxic products, and a quick turnaround, which is about 2-3 business days for local orders. We highly recommend you to support this family local business!

Feel free to check out our recommended wallpaper links on our resources tab!

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