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Preserving Your Exteriors and Prolonging Your Investment

As homeowners, sometimes we don't realize our exteriors are due for a new coat, and in order to keep them in pristine condition, we must provide the proper and timely maintenance they require.

Here are some Benefits of Exterior House Painting:

1. Protection from Natural Elements. With a new coat of paint, your property will be thoroughly prepared for the hot, humid, and cold climates we experience in Texas. It will add extra protection against rain, wind, and snow.

2. Uniquely Stands Out. Don’t neglect the aesthetic value that house painting can bring; you’ll see something newer and livelier every time you pull in the driveway, and that goes beyond a simple color choice. A fresh coat of paint will provide a greater curb appeal to the neighborhood and pave the road for a potential buyer.

1. Exposes Damages. Some areas of Siding and/or Trim might need replacement.

2. Prevents Damage from Insects and Termites. The number one enemy of wooden surfaces is Termites. The damage can be very significant and it can lead to foundation deterioration, especially for pier and beam foundations. Identifying and addressing this problem at the right time is crucial. As professional painters, we will evaluate your home’s siding before painting it and will take all the necessary steps to stop an infestation in its tracks.

3. Increases Lifespan of Siding and Trim. Most sidings whether they’re made from wood or vinyl need to be replaced periodically, but by using a fresh coat of high-quality exterior paint, you will provide extra protection to the weathered down areas, and save thousands of dollars instead of replacing it.

4. Cost-Effectiveness. Painting your house exterior is not an expensive renovation you can make, but surely is one that will bring back the most value. The best quality paint along with true specialists that provide high-rated services can ensure longevity and consistency of their work. All that’s left for you and your family to do is to enjoy it!

5. Peace of Mind. A job well done will save you from worrying about your house exterior for the next 7 to 10 years or beyond!

6. Attract a Home Buyer. First impressions are everything, especially if you are looking to sell a house. A potential buyer might drive past your house if your exterior looks dull, lifeless, or with visible damages. A brand new shiny coat will liven up your home and put your whole house in a different light.

Even though as a homeowner you might request a few quotes from different painting companies, with the purpose of hiring the most affordable painter, we highly advise you to inquire about the QUALITY of the Caulk and Paint they are have quoted you for. 99% of the time, painters will use base-grade quality paint like SuperPaint, or A-100.

In our estimates, we always recommend Duration or Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex by Sherwin Williams and recommend for you to request one of these options, even if you hire another painter. Also, we use Power House Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant (caulk), which provides the best flexibility, waterproof seal, and resistance against mildew.

If you are planning to build, we also recommend for you pay attention to the quality of the paint specified. The majority of home builders use the cheapest paint quality for new home builds. We recommend you request to upgrade the paint to a higher quality of your choice. The additional cost for a better option is definitely worth it! Just be aware that some home builders will not allow for this option, and they will only use the options they provide, but in our opinion, is worth trying to negotiate with them.


- Pressure Washing

- Replace Damaged Siding or Trim

- Scrape Loose Paint

- Scrape Layers of Paint down to the Bare Wood, when requested

- Mask Windows, Doors, Trim, and areas as needed

- Apply Primer as needed

- Apply Exterior Acrylic Latex

- Clean up

If you are interested in having your exteriors refinished, we can provide a free estimate for you. When you hire Romero's Remodeling, we promise to use high-quality painting materials to extend the durability of your exterior and provide a greater return for your investment!

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