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WALL SNOBS a Sustainable and Local Wallpaper Source!

We are so excited to share about our new partnership with Wall Snobs, a local and family-owned business! Wall Snobs is a different wallpaper supplier than the typical company because they print in-house every single order, therefore eliminating the need to keep inventory in their warehouse. This allows them to be a more sustainable business and gives them extra room to offer other neat products like Custom Wrapping Paper and Acrylic Planners. Not only do they have a convenient and quick turn-around, which avoids "low inventory" or "back-ordered" items when ordering from other suppliers, but their Wallpaper is High-Quality, as well as non-toxic. Wall Snobs uses water-based ink in all of their Wallpaper and are free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and phthalates. Wall Snobs has a wide variety of Wallpaper Designs you can choose from. They have options for Traditional-Paste and Removable Wallpaper, which come in multiple finishes and can also have a 3D Texture. They also offer some neat designs for Murals and Decals. Wall Snob's Spray-and-Stick is on a whole different level than the Traditional or Peel-and-Stick wallpaper. This is a great option for all of you DIYers out there! The Removable-Wallpaper is more appealing for those who: - rent an apartment - rent a house - are not ready to permanently commit to a specific wallpaper - or simply would like the ability to easily update and renew your wall coverings In the link below you can find their application steps: If you are creative, have a specific idea in mind, or have a favorite high-quality photo, Wall Snobs can work with you to create your very own Wallpaper-Desing and/or Mural and bring it to life! Contact us for a free estimate for your wallpaper needs, and if you hire us, we can provide you with a 20% discount code to place your order with Wall Snobs. Romero's Remodeling and Wall Snobs are partnering to bring you high-quality wall coverings and professional skim-coating and wallpaper installation to help YOU create beautiful room environments!

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